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This Post is For the Ladies! 

Did you know when you book with me, I send you my Style Guide to help you plan outfits? Plus, if you are having trouble choosing between multiple dresses, or coordinating one of your kids' looks, I am a quick email away to help! Trust me when I say that I am just as invested in your photos looking beautiful as you are! 

While I do give lots of tips in my Style Guide, today I want to share a few of my favorite places to find dresses for sessions! And my reasons for recommending these particular sites is style, comfort, and variety. As a mom, I don't want to be worried about checking parts of my outfit throughout a family session for the spots I am insecure about or something that rides up. I want to feel comfortable and beautiful and these are the places I have had great experiences finding that for myself and helping others!


Baltic Born -


Wren & Ivory -


Amazon (if you use this, you probably have the app or have it bookmarked but I'll leave the link for consistency :) -


Joyfolie -



The elements I recommend looking for in clothing for photos are movement, and texture. When something flows and drapes instead of being stiff, and/or has an interesting texture like lace, embroidery, pleats, ruffles, etc, it adds so much to your photos! This doesn't mean you need all of those things in one outfit! But when you find your perfect dress, it will be a great starting point to coordinating and adding elements with outfits for everyone else in the photos.

Happy Shopping!


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