We're Back! | Phoenix Family Photographer

 It's that time of year again!

We've all been hiding inside (especially during the hellscape that was the month of July), and now it's time to plan for Fall family portraits! Usually around the beginning of September, everyone realizes the weather is indeed going to turn soon and then before you know it, it's the busy Holiday season. You know it's true! So start thinking now if you want to fit in family photos this year, because I know some years it just doesn't work out (and you shouldn't feel guilty about that, it's life!). But if this is the year for you start with baby steps now so you aren't in a panic in October! Here are my recommended steps to making family photos happen this year:

Check in with the busy people that will be participating and add anything that isn't in your calendar yet so you can get a full picture of the Fall season and see where it makes the most sense to schedule. You don't want to schedule for a weekend when you have a soccer final or dance performance or big work deadline because who needs the added stress!? 

Search on Facebook, Instagram or Google for local photographers and see what packages or schedules they offer. Maybe you have a toddler or two and don't want to tempt fate by attempting a full hour session. Most photographers only offer limited opportunities for planned mini sessions, so look for an event being offered in a location you like. You may also be looking for a photographer that takes lots of lifestyle or candid photos, so check their website or Instagram and see what style you vibe with!

   BOOK YOUR SESSIONReach out and secure your session date! Make sure you get a contract and get any questions you have answered. If you are booking a mini session you will likely pay the full session fee up front, or for a standard session it may be a retainer. 
When you book with your photographer, you can also ask for outfit coordination suggestions. Your photographer may suggest wearing certain seasonal colors or avoiding unflattering colors as well as busy prints. When you book with Lux-Glow Photo, you also get access to a styling profile where you can see lots of clothing options for everyone in your group, hand-picked by photographers! You can even select a color combination to search by and as you choose items for each person, you build a collage at the top so you can see if everything meshes together. If you're not sure, you can have it sent to me to give you feedback too! 

About a week or two before your session, plan out how much time you need to get ready and give yourself a buffer (because life happens). Consider hair and makeup for anyone that needs it, and if you have littles you may want to bring outfits in the car and change them when you get there (because #toddlerlife).

Hopefully these steps help you feel more confident to tackle family photos this Fall season. I know it's no easy feat, but rest-assured once you get there I will take the stress off you and you will have a memorable family night with beautiful photos coming your way! Now bring on the cooler temps, the sooner the better!


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