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 When Should I Book My Arizona Photo Session?

It depends on who you ask. Many people, especially families like to book in the Fall. While it may be convenient timing if you are planning to use the pictures to print holiday cards to send to your loved ones, we don't have a whole lot of pretty Fall foliage in the desert and in fact a lot of the trees that we do have are starting to become bare. 

If you ask me, Springtime in the Arizona is where it's at. It doesn't last terribly long, but we have certain desert trees and plants that bloom so beautifully and colorfully from the big yellow acacias to the unique ocotillo with it's little spear of flowers on top. On top of that, because Fall is the go-to time for Family photos and minis, locations are far more busy! That's not to say it can't get busy in the Spring too, but there's a good month in the Fall where just about every known location for photos is packed!

Plus it's hotter in the Fall... :)


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