Maternal Beauty | Arizona Maternity Photographer

 Nothing beats that pregnant mama glow. 

I love maternity sessions because expecting moms are in the zone for those love-soaked, emotional shots. Combine that with a big brother or sister loving on that baby belly and it really can't get any better than that.

Except when the family has the sweetest background story.

While we were waiting for her husband to grab some things from the car and talking about the cloudy weather, this mom told me that they had rainy weather at their engagement session and their wedding!

We have had an especially rainy Summer here in Arizona and sure enough as we started the session we started feeling sprinkles. I love a cloudy sky, but I did not want this nearly due mama to have to worry about wet hair! 

Luckily it never turned into more than a sprinkle and breezy winds, which made for a gorgeous session!


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