First AZ Cake Smash! | Gilbert Cake Smash Photographer

I love cake smashes! 

No matter how the little one reacts to the cake or the attention, I just know that I am going to end up with so many memorable and precious shots! I've had babies that demolish the cake almost immediately, some that barely touch it, and you might remember the one that winced every time she tasted it and then cried after a few tastes. No matter what, these are memories you want to hang on to as parents and ones that I love to capture!

I worked with this little cutie back in December and she was the happiest little cake smasher (even though she was much more interested in the berries than the cake)! She also really enjoyed dipping her toes in the frosting which had her parents and I dying laughing!

I hope to capture so many more delicious, sticky, messy cake smashes! Or if you have a different idea in mind for your little ones first birthday, reach out and we can plan the perfect experience!


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