San Jose Photographer | Featured!

Confession: A year ago I didn't know that being featured as a photographer was a thing...and a thing that is not only great from a business/exposure standpoint, but also super fulfilling.

I have been following The Snap Society for a while mostly because they have an awesome community of supportive photographers that give photography and business advice and because they have offered several free educational webinars and resources. At one point they mentioned the importance of trying to be featured in a well-established space and that there were opportunities to be featured on their platform. They offer a few opportunities to try to be featured so I gave it a shot and was so honored to be featured TWICE for this gorgeous sunset session I did last month!


This session was at Alviso Marina County Park in North San Jose. A couple months ago this place was so dried out that it had become sat flats. We wanted to catch that coolness but it ended up raining shortly before the session and I have to say I am not sorry. The reflections in this shoot were perfect and the session was so much fun!

So here are the links to my features and if you haven't caught them already my badges from The Snap Society are on the bottom of my website home page! :) Thank you for all your support and a big thank you to Jahna for being willing to trek through mud and water to get these shots!


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